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What an incredible post and important message for me and a whole lot of people I know and care about. I found this to absolutely hit home for me. There are a couple of books here I’ll be switching over to Amazon to purchase … like right now.

Dadicus Grinch

This is my first ALL CAPS title. I’m that excited. It’s THAT important. I want to share with you the best piece of advice I received this past year. It’s actually part of a philosophy called Stoicism.

Still here? Good. Don’t be scared. Like many people, I want to be wise. I seek knowledge. I crave understanding and acceptance. Every year, I try new things to fulfill these goals. This year, I tried to meditate, but found that I would only fall asleep. It was like taking a ten minute nap sitting cross-legged on the floor. Even my butt fell asleep. Meditation was not going to get me there.


I bought some books in September. I thought I’d begin everyday of the school year with an inspirational poem or thought-provoking essay–short, to the point. I bought A Year with Rumi: Daily Readings, by Coleman Barks. My friend Michele…

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3 responses to “THE BEST THING I LEARNED IN 2013

  1. Jade Reyner January 1, 2014 at 8:16 am

    Thanks for this reblog, amazing piece. I really related to it…as I am sure that you well know! 🙂

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