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2014 Writing Goals

I got me some goals.

Novels, Short Stories, and More

Generally speaking, in the order I plan on getting them done.

Finish Northville Five & Dime and send to some readers for their input.

Help Zoe Keithley publish her novel and then move on to whatever publishing project she chooses next – personally I hope it’s her memoir-based novella.

Figure out what I’m going to do with Deviation – publish it solo or attach it to something else.

Finish my untitled horror story – 10,000 words or bust.

Finish The Irrepairable Past.  Send to readers, publish by end of Summer 2014.  Or, alternatively, decide it would be worth trying the traditional route.

Write the script for Bridgeport and ponder whether to do the same for Deviation

Finish Terror In a Small Town (and give it a new name).  Send to readers, have it ready for early 2015 publication or submission to agents/publishers.

And scattered around in there will be…

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