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Why Saturday

Duh.  Because it’s Saturday.  It’s for sleeping in. (although I lost the ability to sleep in a number of years ago).  So, for me, it’s for the afternoon nap.

It’s for get-togethers with friends or family.  Day trips to the river, the ocean, the mountains.  Long walks.

Baking bread.  Making cookies.  Dinner out.  Maybe a movie.

You have kids, it’s the soccer/baseball/football/basketball game/tournament where you go watch them play their little hearts out.  Wrestling with the kids, chasing them down and tickling them until they scream.

It’s reading for two hours straight without worry or regret.  It’s writing, painting, swimming, running.

Saturday is the one day of the week when it is possible to live without care.  You don’t have to worry about tomorrow, because that’s Sunday.  It aint Monday.  You don’t have to worry about yesterday, because it was yesterday.  It’s come and gone and nothing’s going to change it.

Saturday is the day when you can breathe.

Saturday is the day when you can be you.

Saturday is when you can take, not just a moment, but an entire day, and live your life.

What am I doing today, Saturday, November 30?  Absolutely nothing.  Well, except, I’m going for a walk in a little bit.  Then I’ll have lunch and a nap.  I’ll make some homemade pita bread for a get-together tonight and then I’ll go to that get-together.  A Hanukah dinner with several families who have become a part of our lives over the last ten years.  We’ll drink beer, play poker (maybe), sit and talk.  The kids will run off and do what kids do.

Why Saturday?  Because.  It’s the day when you can get away with hours of nothing that really are everything.


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