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Why Not Friday

Let’s say you want to start your weekend early.  Go out with friends Thursday for a little happy hour action.  Have a few drinks.  Happy Hour becomes Happy Night and you wake up the next morning convinced a work day is not in your cards.  Hello, impromptu three day weekend.

That’s the best day of the week because it’s unplanned and … nobody else is doing it.  You sleep in.  You revel in the taboo of a day off because you partied too hard the night before.  But if you want to remain gainfully employed, those days are few and far between.  I think.

So, the rest of the time you have what Friday really is.  The absolute slooooooooooooowest day of the week.  Am I wrong on this?  The hands on the clock move at glacial speed.  Three hours later, you look up … “how was that only five minutes.”

And you look around the office, the plant, the wherever it is you work and realize Tom isn’t there.  Weren’t you supposed to have lunch with him.  And the cute secretary you’ve had your eye on called in “sick.”  11:00 rolls around and your boss walks by and says, “Hey, I’m checking out early today.  Hold down the fort.”  The hands on the clock move even slower.

Friday has this.  There’s a point where the mood changes because the weekend is … right there.  You can reach out and caress it.  Smell it.  Maybe even taste it’s chocolaty, boozy exterior.  But, it’s still … there … it’s not here.

Why not Friday.  Because it’s just not quite enough.  And it’s not Saturday.


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