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Beer – #246 – Three Boys – Wild Plum Ale

For the beer drinker out there. You really should check out Pdubyah’s blog. As the title to this post says, it’s his 246th beer reviewed. Plenty of beers from all over the world. (I must get in touch with his supplier.)

A life just as ordinary

In for a penny with this, a Three Boys Wild Plum Ale, Brewed by Three Boys Brewery in the style of a  Fruit Beer from the wonderful Christchurch, New Zealand.

A 330ml of a 7.7ABV beer , 1.9 standard drink units give or take.

Every autumn in the deep south, the Three Boys family harvest wild cherry plums from the family farm and celebrate their capture in traditional preserves. The Three Boys brewer takes these same fruit and captures those evocative flavours in this Wild Plum Ale.

2013-11-28 19.23.15Aroma is just of yeast and a hint of a fruit sweetness, it’s not pronounced.  Pours a really golden orange with more head than humpty dumpty!

It’s quite tart and bit like unsweetened stewed fruit as a taste, you can pick that it’s plums, but knowing that it’s called Plum Ale sort of helps out 🙂

It’s not sweet to drink, might want to…

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2 responses to “Beer – #246 – Three Boys – Wild Plum Ale

  1. Pdubyah November 28, 2013 at 10:51 pm

    You are a gentleman amongst scholars, or a giant amongst midgets, oh wait I’m not sure I got either of them right.

    Thank you for your continued support and words, they actually mean a bit to me.

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