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It Can Wait. Life Depends On It.

Read this post and put your phone away.


Our lives are a series of hellos and goodbyes strung together by fleeting moments some of which we presently carry with us…some of which only surface when prompted. Neither the hellos nor goodbyes are always within our control, some being forced upon us when we least expect it. Either way, it is the tiny moments, those when we make a split second decision, those when we choose right from wrong that hold the lessons we must each learn. We all have that little voice in our head that suggests we take the right path, make the right choice. How often do we tune it out, justify our decision and our actions, drown out the voice of reason in that single moment in time?

Some moments are an individual lesson simply for one. Other moments may impact larger numbers as the lesson is shared time and again.


This is one of…

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