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My Dream Home and More

I have spoke, probably much too frequently in recent months, about my dream.  At some point in the next few years to escape Sacramento and find a place on the coast.  I’d be happy with a one room shack as long as I have a view of the ocean and an easy walk to the sand and surf.  For me, it’s about a cold water beach.  Along the north coast of California or into Oregon or Washington.  I want the cool weather and the dynamic beauty only cold water coasts can offer.

I found my dream home today, about ten miles north of Fort Bragg.  What do you think?


Along the way, saw a little bit of sea life.  These are for the little girl who was walking the same rocks and tide pools as me.  The awe of small children over such simple things is one of the things that makes life a pleasure.


There was one portion of rock that had quite a few star fish clinging to it.  They must have been having a meeting.  I think these two were in charge of security.


I love to take pictures of waves crashing on rocks.  Unfortunately, I think was out at the wrong time of the day to get the best pictures.  But I got a few.



A local who was attending the workshop told me about a nearby tunnel that is excellent for taking sunset pictures.  Problem is that I’m not sure the fog will ever lift for me to get a sunset picture before I leave.  I had a chance on Wednesday, my first evening here, and blew it due to my lack of patience.  But, even without a sunset, it’s still a nice little gateway to the coast.


And one final picture for you.  This is most definitely not the angle I wanted for this shot.  To take the picture I wanted would have required me standing in the narrow shoulder of a two lane bridge.  Not gonna happen.  But, this is Ten Mile River just before it empties into the ocean.  It’s a pretty beautiful little spot and there are a couple of houses there.  People actually get to live here!



3 responses to “My Dream Home and More

  1. Anonymous July 28, 2013 at 5:36 pm


  2. butimbeautiful July 28, 2013 at 7:07 pm

    Wow, yes. It looks cold. That sort of weather makes you contemplate things, it does me anyway. The little rock pools are wonderful. My dream home is a farm in the mountains, somewhere green with river or creek frontage, where my little blind horse can live and stick her head over the garden gate for carrots (instead of us having to travel out to her every few months). Here’s hoping I’ll have it in two years! And here’s to your dream home too!

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