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Spot the Problem

In today’s Sacramento Bee, in an article about the local food movement, the Editorial Page Editor wrote the following paragraph:

But are our forks really in touch with our farms?  Far from it.  Each year, the region’s population consumes about 2.2 million tons of food, but less than 2 percent of what is produced here, according to the Sacramento Area Council of Governments.  With 700,000 acres in cultivation, the farms in the region’s six counties produce 3.4 million tons of food annually.  But only a small fraction is consumed here.  More than 98 percent is exported elsewhere.

Is it just me or does the Editorial Page Editor need an editor?



2 responses to “Spot the Problem

  1. Charles Yallowitz June 9, 2013 at 2:12 pm

    I might be focusing too much, but he’s a tad repetitive.

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