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At Least He’s Being Honest Now

The one time I’ve outed a fellow blogger, I went on a rant about a talented writer who never stops crowdsourcing fundraising for this and for that.  He snookered me in one time.  My guess was that he was using money he raised to support himself in addition to the writerly purposes he claimed it was for.

Note that he’s finally acknowledging that his fundraising also is meant to cover his cost of living.

I applaud him for trying to make a living writing.  I applaud honesty even more.


2 responses to “At Least He’s Being Honest Now

    • kingmidget May 3, 2013 at 10:12 pm

      I looked into kickstarter for something a few months ago. The forbid fundraising for living expenses. The other crowd sourcing sites may have different rules but there’s something that doesn’t smell right about using those sites for what he does.

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