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A Prayer Like Gravity

 We ran there, my mother and I. We were running with the group, running in the street, running for the line. We were running when the first explosion tore the crowd apart. My brother was in that crowd. My mother ran to where he had been, to where we saw him last. I ran after her, calling his name. We could not find him. We found only blood, and the pieces of other mother’s sons, other sister’s brothers. Last month, we lost my father. Now we have lost my brother. Our world is torn apart. My name is Abida and I live in Baghdad. My name is Badria and I live in Kabul. My name is Brigid and I live in Dublin. My name is Abby and, yes, I live in Boston. The ear of compassion hears the voice of the other no matter how far away the voice is…

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