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On the Other Hand…

Well said …


If I had to sum up my theory of life in one phrase, it’d be ‘on the other hand’.

In a way, that’s not surprising – arguing, to my family, was like backyard cricket or watching the evening news – a bonding experience.  Sometimes Dad would start the ball rolling..

The human body is disgusting, and should be covered up except for the purposes of procreation.

Sometimes it’d be my only brother.

You really should get into mind-altering substances (he’d say to the parents over dinner).  It gives you a much BROADER perspective on things…

Controlled apoplexy was Dad’s specialty.

To me, life is a continual battle about where to put the golden mean.  It’s like six billion (and counting) carpenters tugging at the same spirit level.

Last month Steven Landsburg, an economist at the University of Rochester, published a post on his personal blog laying out a series of…

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2 responses to “On the Other Hand…

  1. rose April 8, 2013 at 2:58 pm

    thanks for the reblog, Kingmidget. Like minds. Now I’m going to pick a book from your reading list, since you seem to read the kind of thing I like and I’m all out!

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