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Day #7: The Poetry of Baseball


Say Hey


The Dominican Dandy

First the Gothams

Than the Giants

First New York City

Than the City by the Bay


Baby Bull

The Ancient Mariner

Matty, Felipe and Jesus

The shot heard round the world

The screaming winds of Candlestick

Christy and Stu, Robby and U-Ribe

And above it all, Johnnie “Boo” Lemaster

The Count

The Ripper

Will the Thrill

Pacbell, or AT & T, it’s a park

Green grass, blue sky, wheeling gulls

Flapping flags and banners, two new

Mementos wiping clean 55 years


Kung Fu Panda

The Rally Thong

Fear the Beard

These are the Giants

Of the City by the Bay

History, memories, a game

Tradition and treasures.


3 responses to “Day #7: The Poetry of Baseball

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