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Blogging 2.0

I’ve struggled for months with balance in my spare time.  I’ve struggled for months with trying to find the energy to do the more that I need to do.

One of the problems is that this blogging has created a significant distraction.  This little community that has developed of bloggers who follow me and the blogs I follow provides something I’m missing in other areas of my life.  Can’t explain it.  Can you?  What is the emotional reward we get from this indirect, long-distance, but oh-so-personally expansive interaction we’ve created?  Far too many evenings I spend blogging and not working on my fiction.  That has to change.  Last week, I decided I wouldn’t blog until I produced at least 2,500 words of fiction.  I churned out 700 and then blogged.  And blogged some more.  I produced another 300 on Tuesday.  And here I blog.

One of the problems is the groin injury that completely derailed my exercise routine.  Put an end to running, left me walking like an old man far too many days.  That seemed unaffected by physical therapy.  I’ve gained almost 20 pounds in the last year as a result of my inactivity.  Knowing I wasn’t exercising didn’t result in any change in my eating habits.  In fact, some of those habits got worse.  A month or so ago, I came closer to seeing a number on the scale than I ever thought I would.  It involves a three digit number beginning with a 2.  Any such number.  Never seen it.  Never want to.  But, well, nothing changed much.

One of the problems is those issues that exist in various spheres of my life that I just cannot blog about here.  They sap me of my energy.  Strip me down, spit me out, and just leave me gasping at times.  It’s hard to write.  It’s hard to blog.  It’s hard to do much of anything in those moments.

I blogged a few months ago about how I felt like a hibernating bear.  A couple months later I blogged that the hibernating bear was waking up.  Turns out I was wrong.  Or a bit ahead of myself.  Not much changed.  Again.

Last Monday, March 4, real change began.  I changed one of my worst consumption habits and am also trying to eat a little less, as well as a little healthier.  And, you know what, I’m damn hungry!

Then Thursday, March 7, I went for a bike ride.  It was short.  25 minutes around the neighborhood.  About seven miles.  Since then, I’ve gone for four more.  Tonight, it was 40 minutes and more than ten miles.  This weekend, I hope to hit the American River Bike Trail for a couple of hours.  May not happen as I’ve also finally taken on a major yard project that will need my attention this weekend.

What does this mean?  Why Blogging 2.0?  I’ve loved this little world for fifteen months.  I can write about anything and everything — and I think I have.  But, it’s time for a more focused approach to my blogging.  And less regular blogging.  Those bike rides — in the evening after work — take up a significant amount of the time that I used to sit with my laptop.  I have to continue them.  I have to get back into a regular exercise routine because … well, the answer is obvious.  I can no longer be a lazy lump.

And I need to get back to my fiction.  I realized last week something I should have figured out a long time ago.  Writing is very much a mental exercise for me.  I think about what I write.  A lot.  There is this compartment in my head in which the door is always open.  Or at least it was for years.  Ideas and thoughts about whatever I’m working on that translate into words when I get to sit down and write.  Somewhere during the last year, that door started to close.

It was replaced with the blogging compartment.  Far too much of my mental writing energy went to thinking about blogging.  It’s time for that to change.

I won’t be here as frequently as I have been since January 2012.  I’ll still blog.  I hope to write more thoughtful, meaningful posts and not have those days where I post five different things that are random.  It just won’t be as frequent.  We’ll see how it goes.  Be patient with me.  Every version 2.0 always has some bugs in it.



6 responses to “Blogging 2.0

  1. oliviaobryon March 14, 2013 at 10:44 pm

    Good luck in distancing yourself from the blog world, you can do it and it will be worth it! It’s actually funny, I went to yoga with a coworker tonight and he asked me about my blog. He wants to start blogging. I started to tell him about how cool it was to connect with people and form these friendships and then I felt like a crazy person for telling him that I make friends on the internet. Lol. But, I do, and I guess that’s part of the world we live in, (or some of us live in, at least).

    Still, I’ve had the same thought, that I put most of my writing energy into blogging these days, instead of fiction. I’m okay with it, because, at least for the moment, I need some space, but eventually I need to cut myself off and get back to work. I guess fiction just feels a bit more lonely. There isn’t this world of real people ready to instantly read what you write and respond and connect and inspire. I like to think my blogging is leading me somewhere, even if I don’t know where yet. I submitted an article to a much bigger blog and they’re going to publish it next month. I want to start writing short pieces for other similar venues, (New York Times Modern Love column, etc.). There is a little money there, some recognition, something to add to the good old writing resume.

    I guess it just comes down to one question. Why do we write? If you want to write in hopes of a fiction career, which I know you do, then you have to do the hard work of cutting yourself off here and getting down to business. I’m a bit more laissez faire about my writing intentions at the moment. I don’t know where I’m going, but I have this gut feeling it’s somewhere. Or, I’m just a blog addict… Like I said, good luck 😉

    • kingmidget March 15, 2013 at 8:26 pm

      I view blogging as an incredibly selfish pursuit on my part. It’s not necessarily a bad kind of selfish, but it’s selfish nonetheless. And self-centered. Fiction, on the other hand, is something else. Sort of. Because fiction involves living in my brain as well. But, it’s a different kind. Living in my brain, but also being something other than me. Does that make any sense? I guess the thing for me is that blogging started as a way of feeding my writing, and it’s become the opposite. Blogging has taken over and I need to reverse that — put both in their proper places and keep them there.

      • oliviaobryon March 17, 2013 at 9:03 am

        I guess it’s different for everyone. I just find it to be an enjoyable way to get words out while still connecting and learning from others. But, I do see how it can detract from writing fiction. Glad you found your focus! 🙂

  2. Carrie Rubin March 15, 2013 at 8:58 am

    I hear you. I’ve already started my 2.0 phase this week. So far so good, but I know I can do better. As much as I love writing and want to work on my WIP, it’s still so much easier to read blog posts and buzz around online. Not sure why we tend to procrastinate. Guess it gets back to Dorothy Parker’s quote: ‘I hate writing. I love having written.’

    • kingmidget March 15, 2013 at 8:21 pm

      Somebody else commented about the immediate response and gratification we get from blogging as opposed to the long process of writing, editing, publishing, etc. that all relates to delayed gratification, if there’s any gratification to be had at all. I’m pretty sure there’s a whole lot of truth to that.

  3. Deliberately Delicious March 15, 2013 at 12:34 pm

    So much here resonates for me. I’ve recently been accused of caring more about blogging and my blogging community of friends than about developing a relationship. (Sigh… breaking up is hard to do…) But blogging is an appealing activity and probably an easy escape some times. I love checking in with everybody and finding out what they’re up to. And I love writing for an audience that is there that very day (Let’s hear it for immediate gratification!) But I applaud you your commitment to shed those extra pounds and get back into shape and to focus on what is most important for you.

    “One of the problems is those issues that exist in various spheres of my life that I just cannot blog about here. They sap me of my energy. Strip me down, spit me out, and just leave me gasping at times. It’s hard to write. It’s hard to blog. It’s hard to do much of anything in those moments.” That’s how I was starting to feel about W is for Will. I had to face it and make some choices about how to proceed. I wonder if you might also need to face these issues squarely?

    All good wishes to you, my friend!

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