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Ten Years Later

According to Andrew Sullivan, today is the tenth anniversary of GWB’s Iraq War.  I wrote that sentence that way on purpose.  This was never America’s war.  It was GWB’s war.  He lied to the American people, made Colin Powell — a decent man — go to the U.N. and lie to the international community.  A war that never needed to be fought.  A war that wasn’t paid for and instead was put in the credit card of the American people.  A war that was the worst example of American hubris, American arrogance, and American stupidity.

At the time, I predicted that the Iraq War would be the end of the American Empire.  I see nothing in the years since to suggest otherwise.  We have become a selfish nation, unwilling to sacrifice for the greater good.  GWB showed us the way.  Fight two wars on the cheap without a plan without a clue, cut taxes for not just the wealthy but everybody, put it all on a credit card to be paid for by our children and grandchildren, and see what happens.

The years from January 2001 through January 2009 disgust me.  The Iraq War is the best example of the reason why.


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