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The Yin and the Yang

I offer you one of both.  You decide for yourself what you want to partake of.  OK.  Hold on a sec.  I just googled “Yin and Yang” to make sure I was using the right phrase.  I changed my mind.   The good and the bad.

The good.  The heartwarming.  The thing that will make you cry tears of utter happiness and joy for the capacity of humans to act with kindness and consideration for others.

And the bad.  The thing that will wrench your gut.  That will make you want to turn away.  It’s a photojournalism piece by a woman who began following a couple.  During the relationship, things went incredibly south one night after a trip to a bar.  The man assaulted the woman.  The pictures aren’t horribly graphic, but they are troubling nonetheless.  Painful.  The small children involved, right in the middle of it … all the more painful.


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