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Some Things Don’t Change

When I was a kid, back in the day when every major intersection didn’t have three fast food restaurants, two sandwich shops, etc., our dining experiences were pretty limited. McDonalds, where my parents could feed our family of six for less than what I spend on a McDonald’s meal just for me. Señor Pepe’s, Mexican food before it was everywhere. And Straw Hat for pizza.

We usually went to Straw Hat for our “report card treats” … A dinner out as a reward for our grades. Back then the Straw Hat we went to had a projector that showed Three Stooges movies and Looney Tunes cartoons in the dining area.

This was the thing to do back them … In the 70’s … All those years ago. The Straw Hat we used to go to closed. Probably 25 years ago. Although there are still a couple of them in the Sacramento area, it’s probably been that long since I’ve had their pizza.

I remember this. My dad would get a small anchovy pizza for himself. What the rest of us got was sausage pizza. Very simple. As a kid I had a goal … If my dad could eat a small pizza all by himself I wanted to be able to as well. Somewhere along the way I finally did.

I’ve wanted to visit a Straw Hat for quite awhile for old times sake. But never did. Until tonight.

In Morgan Hill with one of my kids for a soccer tournament, there’s a Straw Hat down the street from our hotel. I’m eating pizza tonight. Sausage and linguica. And here’s what hasn’t changed. The sausage hasn’t changed. There’s something about it. It’s like this cross between Italian sausage and breakfast sausage. It tastes like no other sausage I’ve ever had on pizza.

Pizza is good. Pizza with memories may be better.


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