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A Case Study in Stupidity (Well, Yes, I am talking about Republicans)

The party of State’s rights, state control, no federal intervention, leave us the hell alone has set itself up for the ultimate hypocrisy.  You see, there’s this thing called Obamacare.  Among other things, it requires every state to establish a health benefits exchange where individuals and small businesses can access qualified health plans.  It’s a massive, complicated undertaking involving millions of small businesses and individuals, countless health plan providers, and billions of dollars.

States have three choices.

(1)  They can establish their own state-operated exchange, which generally means they’re going to get a lot of federal dollars and help establishing their exchange that complies with federal rules but takes into consideration their own state’s particular needs.

(2)  They can establish Partnership Exchanges, where they will partner with other states — and probably still get a lot of federal help in establishing what would likely be a regional exchange.

(3)  Or they can choose to opt out, refusing to establish either a State exchange or Partnership Exchange, thereby forcing the Federal Government to establish and operate the exchange for their state.

Here’s the map that shows the decisions the states have made.  Notice anything.  Yes, that’s right.  Most of the States choosing to avoid responsibility and accepting Federal control of their exchanges are … Red States.  The Deep South, the Midwest.  A few outliers here and there prove the rule.  It’s fascinating.  The concept of local control seems to stop at the line where you may offend your conservative base.  Red states have given up on part of their credo and will now, at least for the time being, subject themselves and their citizens to federal control.  Well done.


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