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Sometimes We Dream

I met her once

She was beautiful

The flow of her hair

The look in her eye

The curve of her hip

The nature of her soul

The sparkle that was hers


I spoke with her once

She was wonderful

The fears she lived

The dreams she shared

The talk of everything

The way she gave

The allure that was hers


I touched her once

She was luscious

The touch of her lips

The taste of her skin

The sizzle of us together

The want she had

The sensation of her


I loved her once

She was incredible.

Her smile and her laugh

The way she touched




The way she gave

Everything to me

Her soul, her emotions

Her love


She was

For a moment


That moment in time

I’ll never forget

And never top

I loved her once?


I loved her forever


4 responses to “Sometimes We Dream

  1. Kathy February 6, 2013 at 1:36 pm

    Where’s the like button? I want to keep clicking it over and over.

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