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It’s Like Christmas Morning

When I woke up Tuesday morning and saw that I was finally selling some books, I, as is my nature, didn’t expect much.  By the end of the day, when the grand total of purchases was about 20 books, I half-jokingly, half-seriously suggested to a friend that I wouldn’t mind doubling the number the next day.  So, by the end of the day on Wednesday, I was looking at a two-day total of 54.  I thought to myself, well if I could double it from Tuesday to Wednesday, could I double it from Wednesday to Thursday … for a three day total  of about 110.

Confession time.  I woke up at 5:00 this morning and couldn’t really get back to sleep because I wanted to see what had happened during the night.  So when I got up I found a  ….  “Mom!  Dad!  Santa brought me a bicycle!!!!!!!!!!!” … OK, maybe not that, but overnight 27 more paid downloads of Bridgeport.  And, as I type this shortly after 8:00 p.m., the three day total is at 106, with almost all of today’s transactions purchases as opposed to Lending Library borrows.

The book is ranked #34 in the Kindle Store for Legal Thrillers.  Ranked #3,240 out of all books available on the Kindle (That’s out of millions, folks.)  In the Kindle Lending Library, which has more than 180,000 books, the book still ranks #67.

I’d love to see the total double yet again, but I’m thinking there being another 100+ people who will buy it tomorrow is a bit of a stretch.  I’m happy with slow and steady at this point now.

And, hopefully, I’ll sleep past 5:00 tomorrow.


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