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NFL Warriors

I have a love-hate relationship with the NFL.  Well, actually more of an indifference-hate relationship.  Yes, I follow the sport.  I watch on the weekends.  I’m a Steelers fan who has enjoyed rooting the one team that has been more or less consistently competitive over the past 40 years.  But, were the NFL to disappear tomorrow, I wouldn’t care.  Give me baseball twelve months a year and I’d be happy.

The thing that fascinates me about the NFL — more particularly, the players — is the abuse they take to keep playing the game.  Every time a running back, quarterback, or wide receiver is slammed to the ground and they bounce back up like it was nothing, I’m amazed.  Lay me down gently on a thick rug and I’m staying there for a moment or two.  Slam me down on a surface that is remarkably similar to concrete and I’ll be seeing you in the doctor’s office.

This piece does nothing to dispel my fascination.  I don’t get it.


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