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The First Page of the Final Chapter






Reese 18

This little guy turned 18 today.  It’s the first page of the final chapter in the book that has been the last eighteen years of my life.  The rest of the chapter hasn’t been written as there are almost three years to go before his brother hits the milestone.

As is my custom when my kids hit certain milestones, I wrote him a letter today.  The contents are between he and I.  It’s up to him whether he wants to share it with others.  That being said, he was my first child.  That moment when I first held him in my arms is a moment I’ll never forget.  The love I felt for him that day and for many days afterwards is the purest kind of love a person can hope for.

I won’t forget a lot of other things as well.  The good and the bad.  The highlights and the struggles.  There are plenty of all of those.  But, it’s time to, while not forgetting, move on.  My son, the most Senior Junior Midget, and I have left a lot of wounds and scars behind in the past few years.  Nothing major because he ultimately isn’t that bad of a kid.  But as fathers and sons are, we have had our struggles and I have had a difficult time overcoming the challenges of a teenager.

The last few weeks he and I have danced delicately around a reconciliation of sorts.  There has been a thaw, which I hope continues.  I’d sorely like to have my son back in a way where we can enjoy life together, compared to what the last few years have been like.

So, to my son, I wish you Happy Birthday!  Love you — not just the little guy in the picture — but the much larger guy you are now.


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