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The Final Word — and another Giveaway

On my Goodreads Giveaway for One Night in Bridgeport … over 830 people signed up.  More than 350 of them marked the book “to read.” The winners are located in Ohio and Louisiana.  Books shipped out today.  Here’s hoping the others follow through on that “to read” commitment.  OK, OK.  I’m not holding my breath.

You, one of my loyal readers, want your own signed copy of One Night in Bridgeport?  In the comments section, offer me  something.  One hundred words maximum.  Tell me something.  Your favorite post you’ve read here on this blog and why.  Your best words of wisdom.  A picture worth more than the maximum word count.  Anything and everything.  It is a completely open competition in which the winner will be based entirely on my subjective determination of the most worthy response.  Only one rule … one entry per person.  Maybe more than one person will win.



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