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Not Your Mother’s Caesar Salad

Earlier this month, in one of my variety posts, I wrote about Firestone’s Caesar Salad … not very positively.

As is the custom these days, with a kid to pick up most Tuesdays at 8:15 p.m., I loiter downtown.  My semi-regular stops seem to be Masullo’s and Capitol Garage.  Why you might ask?  I’ve written enough about Masullo’s enough for my regular readers to know the answer to that.  As for Capitol Garage it’s about one simple fact … they have Trumer on tap.  That was the biggest reason I started a regular visit there.  Two reasons have been added to the list.

First, Tyler has established himself as my second favorite server in Sacramento.  My favorite has also been discussed here.  Andrea does an incredible job of making me feel at home at Masullo’s, always.  Tyler has joined the ranks of excellent servers as well.  The second time I went there on my lonely Tuesday sojourns, I got a table, had my Kindle.  He came to my table, I ordered my first Trumer.  He returned with it and asked if I was ready to order.  I replied that I wasn’t, that I was going to take my time (as that’s what I had).  Ever since then, whenever I walk in, he knows my plan and doesn’t rush me.

As I told him tonight, he is attentive while not being obtrusive.  He’s pleasant and lets me do what I need to do with my evening.

The second reason for Capitol Garage’s spot in my regular rotation is that … unlike Firestone, it has an absolutely incredible Caesar Salad in an amazing non-traditional mode.  An odd thing is happening to me these days, maybe it has to do with my weight gain from lack of exercise due to my many injuries.  Regardless, I’ve grown tired of my standard fare of Mexican food, pizza, and burgers.  I’m trying to eat healthier — which for me means more salads.  I was committed to eating something good tonight, or at least better than the usual.

Welcome to Capitol Garage and its Jalapeno Caesar.  The standard romaine lettuce, actually cut up unlike Firestone, and then add … drum roll please … buttermilk deepfried jalapeno slices, guacamole, croutons, parmesan, and a dressing with just a bit of a bite to it.  I ordered the salad, thinking I would get a sandwich or something else to go with it after I was done.  Halfway through, Tyler stopped by to ask how it was.  Incredible I told him.  If I had known, I would have just ordered it with chicken and be done with my meal.  Ten minutes later I had some fresh grilled chicken to add to the remains.

If you have a chance, step inside Capitol Garage at 15th and K in Sacramento and order the best damn caesar salad you’ll ever have.


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