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One State’s Republican Response

Here it is.

And one wonders why it is impossible to find common ground.  The Virginia State Senate is split 20-20 between Republicans and Democrats.  With a 79-year-old Democratic senator and civil rights veteran absent from the state to attend the inauguration, Republicans sprung an unexpected redistricting plan designed to increase Republican seats on the Senate and, with that one vote advantage, passed it.  Virginia, like every other state, typically does its redistricting every ten years, following the census.  Hmmm … 2013 … redistricting certainly makes sense now.

The Republican Governor of the state didn’t even know it was happening.  And, here’s the kicker … the Senate then convened in Stonewall Jackson’s honor.  Stonewall Jackson, for those who don’t recall their history, was a Confederate General.  So, on a day when we celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr., and on a day when Barack Obama was inaugurated after his re-election, Virginia chooses to honor Stonewall.  Who, by the way, was born in what is now West Virginia — which didn’t join the Confederacy, but was in fact created in response to the Civil War as a state uninterested in seceding from the Union.



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