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2013 Writing Projects

I’ve got none!

Actually, I have a few.

1.  Submit Weed Therapy to the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award competition.  Once I’m kicked out of that, submit to agents and small publishers.  Have something in place for it by the end of the year.

2.  Email Carrie Rubin and begin a dialog about what she has learned via her publishing experience.

3.  Finish, finally, the script for The Marfa Lights.  I think that I have not got this done is the most frustrating thing from 2012.  It needs a few tweaks that will probably take me an afternoon and I can’t get myself to get it done.

4.  As the spirit moves me, work on The Irrepairable PastK Street Stories, and Terror in a Small Town.  I’m thinking of exploring serialized fiction with Terror.

5.  Write more short stories this year.

6.  Knowing that I will fail, try to write at least a couple hundred words on something every day.  I’ll accept my failure, though as I make baby steps forward on these things.


One response to “2013 Writing Projects

  1. Tyler Roberts January 1, 2013 at 6:34 pm

    King, just kinda randomly found you here. I would encourage you to hang in there. Nothing more frustrating than writing, though its a great combination of joy and frustration. You are definately on the right path by sitting down and writing daily. I just published my first novel. What an experience! Self published and thats an experience in itself. I hope to get started on the sequel soon, but spending a lot of time trying to get the word out on the first book. “Truth’s Blood”. You can find it on Amazon.

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