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It’s Called Customer Service

I generally don’t complain much about the food I get at restaurants.  Or the quality of service.  Things happen.  People have good days and bad days.  Even the chefs, cooks and servers who provide you with your restaurant experience.  That said …

A year or so ago, Estelle’s Patisserie opened up a block from my office.  It’s a very cool little place trying to duplicate a French bakery in hard scrabble downtown Sacramento.  Check their menu out — they’ve got the goods.  Croissants.  Pan au this and pan au that.  Brioches.  Fresh baked breads.  Tarts.  The works.

They have … well, lots of good things.

A few months ago, however, I stopped going.  They’re kind of expensive.  I couldn’t justify it anymore.

Earlier this week, I got a “chocolate croissant” at Estelle’s.  Something I’ve had before.  Only thing is … it was 10% more expensive.  And, I got back to my office and took a bite. And another.  There was a little dollop of chocolate in this massive piece of pastry that seemed to be nothing more than puff pastry.  It wasn’t a croissant.  A croissant is a buttery concoction.  This seemed to be nothing more than a piece of frozen puff pastry dough.  And, it wasn’t a chocolate croissant.  The use of the word “chocolate” suggests an emphasis.  If you buy this product, you will experience chocolate.  It was there.  But, well, in the gigantic piece of puff pastry that was more puff than pastry, the little smidgeon of chocolate striped down the middle was, well, wholly inadequate.

I did what I normally don’t do.  I went to Estelle’s website.  Clicked on the “contact us” link.  Sent them a message, included my email.  The message was simple.  They’re overpriced and the least I can expect is that if I order a chocolate croissant, they might actually provide more than the aforementioned little dollop of chocolate in a piece of pastried air.

That was the beginning of this week.  It’s Saturday now.  Absolutely no response.  I guess you don’t need to respond to unhappy customers.  It’s a shame.  I’d like them to succeed.  Too many businesses come and go in downtown Sacramento.  It’s a difficult place to make a go of it.  Particularly a business like this.  But, I don’t need to go back again.  There are other options.  Including La Bou, which has chocolate croissants, with a real amount of chocolate, for $1 less than Estelle’s.


3 responses to “It’s Called Customer Service

  1. Kathy December 30, 2012 at 4:38 pm

    Did you also review on Yelp? That seems to get a lot of attention from owners.

  2. butimbeautiful January 1, 2013 at 2:16 am

    Good for you. Stupid them though, not getting back and grovelling a bit. They’ll go down the tube eventually with an attitude like that, you can bet it’s not just you that thinks their croissants are under-stuffed and overpriced.

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