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Day #11: Music

What was music to your ears in 2012, literally or metaphorically?

Literally … as I wrote recently, Spotify has just completely turned my music world upside down, exposing me to more and more music.  And Olivia O’Bryon posted a video of an incredible Johnny Cash song that got me into Mr. Cash in a major way.

Literally … I feel like the last few months have provided me with an explosion musically.  From The Lumineers to Mumford & Sons to Of Monsters and Men to Belinda Carlisle to old stand-bys from my younger days … just added April Wine, Billy Thorpe, and Zebra to my Spotify playlist.  I even added some songs from recent American Idol contestants.  Crystal Bowersox has some serious musical talent and some incredible songs.

Metaphorically … well, I’m listening to that piece of me that’s inside more.  I’m not religious.  I don’t believe in God.  But, I’m believing more and more in the idea that we people have something inside of us.  Maybe it’s a soul (but not the Catholic soul).  Maybe it’s something else.  But, there’s a center that I have and I’m trying to listen to it.  Not just listen to it, but nourish it as well.


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