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An “Expert” Prediction

If George Will says it, it must be true.  Right?  He apparently now believes there is “an emerging consensus” on gay marriage because the “opposition to gay marriage is dying.  It’s old people.”

Whew, I’m glad we have the great and all-knowing Mr. Will pontificating on this now and letting us now the reality that is coming.  I mean, he is after all, the prognosticator who confidently predicted that Mitt Romney would win the electoral college vote 321-217, including that Minnesota, a traditionally blue state, would go for Mr. Romney.

I also love the fact that the consensus is emerging not because people are changing their minds on the issue, but because the people who oppose it are all old and, therefore, are dying.  Nothing like demonstrating you don’t get it, Mr. Will.

Why do people like him get to keep spewing their crap on morning shows and on the editorial pages?

2 responses to “An “Expert” Prediction

  1. NotAScientist December 10, 2012 at 7:07 pm

    George Will is wrong on the reason (at least in part), but he’s right about the result. (Feel free to use the ‘broken clock is right two times a day’ analogy.)

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