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Day #8: My Friend

Considering the idea that nothing lasts forever: what was the most important relationship that you fostered in 2012?

How will you continue to nurture it in 2013?

It is you … my friend.  You.  Yes.  Over in the corner.  We talk now and then.  Sometimes every day.  Sometimes once a week.  Sometimes once a month.

It is you … my friend.  The one who listens when I need to talk.  Who talks when I need to listen.  Who needs when I want to support.  Who holds me when I might fall.

It is you … my friend.  Who gives me a hug when I least expect it but need it most.  Who accepts my own touch gladly.

It is you … my friend.  Who blogs words I’m thinking but have yet to figure out how to say.

It is you … my friend.  Who absorbs my pain and shares yours as well, knowing that I’ll be there for you just as you are for me.

It is you … my friend.  You have been with me for 25 years.  Or a month.  But no matter the time, you have shown yourself to me.  To be true.  To be honest.  To be willing to share life’s joys as well as life’s sorrows.  You’re not afraid to wallow in the misery, because … well, you are … my friend.

It is you … my friend.  My circle.  There is no way I could leave this at just one.  It is the group of people who fill my life with meaning and value.  With words and wisdom.  Love and friendship.  Support and challenge.

How will I nurture you … my friend … in 2013?  As I hope I have always done.  By returning the favor.  By being your friend, part of your circle.  Listening when you need to talk, talking when you need to listen.  Absorbing your pain and sharing mine with you, knowing that I will always be there fore you.  I will do everything I can to share and care, bear the burden of life with you, and offer meaning and value, words and wisdom.  I will support you and challenge you.  But most importantly, I will love you and share friendship with you as long as you will have me.



4 responses to “Day #8: My Friend

  1. Kat December 9, 2012 at 1:02 am

    Simply beautiful!
    It is a privilege to be counted among the “you”.

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