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Day #5: Dream Destination

What was your dream destination in 2012 and why?

It can
be a town, city, country or region — real or imaginary — and doesn’t matter if
you actually got there or not!


Regular readers will know the answer to this question.  Oaxaca, Mexico.  For a writer’s retreat.  I wanted to go in 2011, but the costs of a bar mitzvah for one kid and a trip to Israel for another kid ate up all the discretionary funds.  So, I was going in 2012.  Only problem is that the woman hosting the retreat decided not to do it anymore after 2011.  Major bummer.  So, I applied to the Breadloaf Writer’s Conference in Connecticut.  Wasn’t accepted.  Hence, my mini-vacation to Caples Lake.

Back to Oaxaca — I was really looking forward to it.  A week in a foreign land, something I’ve never done.  A week of writing and talking about writing.  Far away and disconnected from all that swirls through my life these days.  It was something I wanted and desperately needed.  Still need something like that.  I crave a week or two or three of something away from where I’m at.  I think it comes from living in the same city for 47 years, of having issues and difficulties that continue to grow instead of recede, of having too much of this and not enough of that.

My dream destination in 2012 was Oaxaca.  I got a few days at Caples Lake, a couple of hours from home.  My dream destination for 2013 … further away and for a longer period of time.


2 responses to “Day #5: Dream Destination

  1. Pdubyah December 6, 2012 at 9:43 am

    What you actually mean is come to New Zealand and spend sometime at the beach….

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