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Pizza Night at King Midget’s … Again?

Yes.  Only because I did something different tonight.  Made my first Chicago deep dish.








On the right is a deep dish for Queen Midget, complete with those yucky mushrooms and olives, and some pepperoni, prosciutto and pancetta.

On the left, for yours’ truly.  It’s a cornmeal crust (thought not very cornmealy, if you know what I mean), a layer of mozzarella, then the meats (for me, sausage, prosciutto and pancetta), some more mozzarella, and then the homemade sauce (which simmered for a few hours this afternoon), then a dusting of parmesan.  It was pretty good.  Will need to make it again.

Below is a sampling of what pizza night at my place looks like.  A couple of “normal” pizzas, and a couple of deep-dish.


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