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November 22, 2012

The power of touch

Skin on skin, electrify

Calming, warming, touch

For those who have had the good fortune to witness childbirth or to hold a new baby, what is the first thing you did?  You placed your finger in his or her hand and the baby grasped it and held on.  You delicately ran you finger along the baby’s arm, or maybe lightly stroked the cheek.  And you held on, too, for dear life.  For the baby’s and for yours.  Is there nothing that is more calming, peaceful and complete than holding a newborn baby.  Experiencing the miracle of life and seeing everything ahead.

So, why do we stop touching?  Do you touch the ones you love?  Just with your fingertips?  With a warm embrace?  With an hour of just holding?  Do you offer it and accept it? And do you accompany that physical touch with words that touch and heal as well?

As Melissa Etheridge might say … Place Your Hand…

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