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Day 4

Day 4

Obamacare.  That really should be all it takes on this topic.  After Presidents (including such conservative luminaries as Richard Nixon, during his Presidency, and the Heritage Institute, which supported the individual mandate before Obama adopted the idea) and politicians have spent decades talking about providing a health care system that ensures everybody has access to health care, President Obama enacted the Affordable Care Act, a program designed not to provide health care for all, but instead to require that all Americans have health care insurance.  For those who cannot afford it, there are tax credits and subsidies to help cover the costs.  For those who refuse to purchase insurance, there are penalties, the revenue from which will help fund the program’s costs.  In addition, insurance companies will no longer be able to deny coverage for individuals with pre-existing conditions and insurance will be portable, so you don’t lose your favored insurance just because you switch jobs.

To witness the response to this, however, one would think that Lenin, Stalin, and Mao have completed their takeover of our country, while Idi Amin runs the death panels.  The outrage over this program is the perfect demonstration of the non-reality-based world in which far too many Americans live in.  If employed we are required to contribute to the Social Security system, with a few exceptions.  We are also required to contribute to the Medicare program.  Every State has laws requiring drivers to obtain insurance.  Many locales require flood insurance or earthquake insurance because of particular risks those locations face.  Where is the outrage over these programs?

And, why do I bring them up here?  It’s simple really.  Every American should pay for their health care costs, just like every American should be required to pay for the costs of damage or loss they cause when driving a vehicle, contribute to a retirement system, etc.  Why?  Because these are costs that are born by society whether you have insurance or not.  Here’s the thing that amazes me about the Obamacare craze that suggests it is horrible for the government to have done this.  That it somehow reeks of socialism, communism, or who knows what evil it is the right-wing is afraid of.  Almost all of the people who are outraged about this are people who already have health care insurance.  What does that mean?  Through their insurance premiums and the ever-increasing cost of health care, they are already paying the health care costs of the uninsured.  Wake up people … those who don’t have health insurance are taking money out of your pockets!!!  It’s that simple and yet the anti-Obama’ers froth at the mouth at the idea of a program that addresses that problem.

Obamacare doesn’t require the already insured to pay more.  In fact, if it works the way it should, by expanding the pool of insured, it might actually result in lower insurance premiums.  Instead, what Obamacare does is force individuals to take responsibility for their own health care costs and penalize them if they don’t.  Stunning that people would object to this, especially when you consider the typical political views of those individuals.

If Obamacare is wrong, let’s jettison auto insurance, home insurance, social security, medicare, and every other government program that requires individuals to take responsibility for a cost of living in the modern world.

And, if you don’t believe me, here are a few recent pieces endorsing Obama’s re-election.  Two of them from decidedly conservative sources.

Mayor Bloomberg

The Economist

E.J. Dionne


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