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Sunday God Talk

Try as I might, I can’t let go of the message outside the church near our neighborhood.  “Mad at God?  Maybe you’ve got the wrong person.”

Hmmm … well, the message suggests that God is a person, seems somewhat inconsistent with the teachings of a Christian church.  But, I’ll let that go for the moment.

More important is the fundamental inconsistency between this message and earlier messages the church has posted which clearly suggest that if something has gone wrong in your life, God most likely is the right being to be mad at.  The one message I can remember that perfectly describes this conundrum was the one that said this:  “If God is your co-pilot switch seats.”

Who do you get mad at if something happens on an airplane and people die?  Well, it could be the mechanic, the manufacturer, or somebody else, but ultimately, the responsible party is … the pilot.

Let’s look at it another way.  Why do people typically get mad at God?  A close friend or family member has passed away.  Or some great tragedy has befallen your community, your nation, or mankind.  Here’s an example.  My in-laws lost their son more than 20 years ago, when he was 34, to Lou Gehrig’s disease.  It created a crisis of faith for them, particularly for my father-in-law.  I believe that all these years later he is still angry at God.  Where else should his anger be placed.  Lou Gehrig?  The doctors who cared for his son and his incurable disease?  His son?

I don’t get this week’s message.  A faith that believes in an all-powerful God, who we are supposed to follow day in and day out, advises us that if we are angry at God for a loss, we should look elsewhere.  Well, now that I think about it, it’s starting to make sense.  It’s the ultimate example of today’s society and how people refuse to accept accountability and responsibility for their actions.  Bankers who caused the economic catastrophe who still make millions while working on the next round of suspect transactions.  Politicians who are corrupt and continue on.  And a faith that allows you to live a life filled with sin, as long as you seek forgiveness and “find” God in time for your everlasting life.  And, apparently, a God you are supposed to follow, who you should let pilot your ship, but who you should not hold responsible for the things that go wrong.  Perfect.


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