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Quick Question

As I do most Fridays, I spent a few hours making challah today.  (A picture or two to follow tomorrow.)  About a year ago, I started making the challah for the synagogue the family belongs to.  No, I’m not Jewish, but I married into the Jewish faith.  As a result of that marriage, I committed to raising the younger Midgets Jewish.  Although I may not be Jewish and, as well, have the problem of not even believing in God, or a supreme being of any sort, I am totally supportive of raising my kids in a faith and culture such as Judaism.

Tonight, I made a couple of loaves for the services and also made seven more loaves for a family having a Bar Mitzvah this weekend.  Due to circumstances that don’t need to be explained here, I ended up being in the synagogue kitchen until just before services.  Every Friday, when I make the challah, I ponder whether I should stick around for services, non-believer or not.  Tonight, I did for the first half hour or so.

I also, every once in awhile, pay a visit to the Cathedral in downtown Sacramento.  Usually, I’m there in quiet moments when no service is being performed.   But, rarely, I’m there when a priest is leading a service and the pews are more populated with believers.

So, here’s the question.  I don’t believe.  In Catholicism.  In Judaism.  In organized religion of any sort.  I don’t believe.  In God.  A supreme being.  Or that the words of the Bible are anything other than a story.  But, there’s something I feel when I’m among people who do believe.  At the same time that I find the prayers to God are like fingernails on a chalkboard, I find peace (more and more these days) being among those who believe as they carry out their faith and beliefs.  What the heck does this mean?


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