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This Is Where I’m At

My apologies to my regular readers, I’m distracted significantly by the effort involved in getting my short stories published in the right way.  At the moment, The Marfa Lights and Other Stories will be available soon in paperback via Amazon and also as a download on the Kindle.  From there, I will move to other platforms like the Nook Reader and other e-readers.  In addition, I’ve decided that Shady Acres will be available as a single piece, and as a part of the second collection of short stories.  So, I’m working on both of those as well.  I’m trying to figure out the vast array of options for publishing things in this new self-publishing world — getting them out to the widest audience and also learning as much as I can during the process — to maximize the earning potential while minimizing the cost involved.  Because, ultimately, this is laying the ground work for the novels that are to come.

This is what I’m spending most of my evening time working on.  The blogging is left behind as a result.  And, unfortunately, there’s an essay that is burning a hole in my head that I’m not finding the time to write.


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